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how’d you know I love ingrid michaelson?

Because you’re super cool

no but really, awesome coincidence. I love her!

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amandaecs ASKED: thea queen!

(this is the only thea gif I’ve got and never got around to use it before, so please go with it)

  • (steaming from how Thea probably feels right now on the show) Empty bottle by Ingrid Michaelson

Put a character in my ask and I’ll try to find a song in my music that I think goes with them

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everylastline replied to your post “warning: I recently got into Brooklyn Nine-Nine (with recently I mean…”

Such a great show, so excited for it to be back! :D Glad you enjoyed your marathon :)

Yes, for once I catch up on a show just as it’s about to return from hiatus :D Normally when I do they are either already finished, just announced cancelled/last season, or there’s a year til the new season :P

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styleswans ASKED: Rachel Berry, Peyton Sawyer, Captain Swan

Put a character in my ask and I’ll try to find a song in my music that I think goes with them

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Put a character in my ask

from ANY series you know I’ve read/seen

and I’ll try to find a song in my music that I think goes with them

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warning: I recently got into Brooklyn Nine-Nine (with recently I mean I binge watched the whole season in the last two days… yeah); so there’s gonna be that new fandom in my blog now :)

In case you don’t want to see them cause a)you plan to watch it and don’t want to be spoiled; or b)simply don’t like it, I’m gonna be tagging them b99 (feel free to blacklist it… idk why i’m giving you permission, you don’t need it, you’re free :P stop talkwriting, luce)

oh yeah, and blame Selena for this, she got me hooked on it. jk, I love it and you. Thanks :)

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to the people who have followed me lately that I did not greet


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I was always very physical, growing up, and did sports. I like to get out and do different things, and walk in different shoes. I like change. I like challenge.
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Get to know me meme: ~3/5~ favorite relationships (in no particular order)


"At least we still have each other."

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photogeniques ASKED: Hi, lovely blog, lovely edits :) Did you create your blog's theme? It's really nice. Also I wondered if you've ever done a tutorial for one of your fanarts? Have a great day!



Thank you so much!

Theme is not mine, credit’s on the top links; it’s from the wonderful nutty-themes. Check it out, it has great ones :)

I hardly ever do edits, so your compliment means a lot :) Never done a tutorial; in that field I’m more of a follower and explorer than a creator.

But if there’s something in particular you (or anyone else) would want to know how to do from my edits, I’d be happy to (try) to explain it :) (tutorials are not really my forte)

Again, thank you for these kind words and for following my blog! Hope you had a great day too! 

xo, Lucy

I’m glad you enjoyed my message. I had a good day, thanks.
I’d like to know what you do so that the images seem so smooth? (here and here). And did you use a texture for those (here and here)? :)

The smooth effect is made with this plug-in called Topaz, which I downloaded as an action pack (better to avoid using the official plug in and then getting your license expired with time; which has happened to me in another pc :s). Anyway, I don’t have the exact link from where I’ve downloaded it, but there’s a similar looking action pack here that maybe helps :) 

As for the texture, it’s this one. It was popular and super used a long time ago; I still use it occasionally cause it looks pretty cool with certain edits. The second post you listed has a lot other textures as well, but I think you were referring to this one.

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